Att: Joe Lauzon (and/or Pros)

Okay, Joe, I'm going to sound like a complete newb here, but what's the name of that little spin-reversal move you did against Gamburyan to escape his front head lock (one arm in). I've never seen it before (not that my BJJ coach doesn't know it). I've seen and done similar escapes from where a guy holds you around both armpits (know what I'm talkin' about, guys?), but not when it's one arm pit and your head is trapped. I literally rewound you doing that like close to ten times - that's how much I liked it.

I would appreciate it if anyone had a gif or a vid of Joe or even someone else executing this badass move. Joe, did you already know this move before you went on the show or did BJ (or DeSouza) show you it?

lol Nice! But wait, you're not Joe Lauzon nor a pro... beats him with his own hand

sweet move imo.

Thanks, at least someone appreciated it. And he did it twice! I think even Gamburyan was like "oh shit, what'd he just do, bro?!"

it was a "duck under"

he just pushed manny's elbow up and "switched" his hips

Erik why so bitter?

Thiago's switch was bad ass Tuesday night too...

Trying to remember the move, but didn't it used to be called a "Syracuse?"

its a wrestling move, i think it is called syracuse or somehting

Duck Under for the win

"Trying to remember the move, but didn't it used to be called a "Syracuse?" "

sounds right, i haven't wrestled in a few years, lol

and yeah, Thiago's switch @ UFN was badass

Can anyone post a gif of Joe's AND Thiago's switch? I really need to learn it (among many other moves lol).

that shit was bad ass...i was wondering about it as well...ttt

ttt for Joe!

It appears this thread ducked under Mr. Lauzon's monitor.

joe's at local fights in Mass. cornering his brother. I'm sure he'll find this eventually.

Dunno what its really called.... I was told it was a "peek out" so I call it that. I've been told its not a peek out... but to me and my guys, its a peek out.

"Peek out" (no homo) it IS then! Awesome move though, Joe. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. Great job on the show, btw. The way Gamburyan fought against you would've been a hard fight for ANYONE. You did awesome and can do even better sooo... keep your head up. I look forward to your upcoming fights, bro.

for some reason, my brother takes all the credit for teaching Joe Lauzon the "peek out". Is there any truth to that?