could you possibly give me a run down of how you went about establishing your club. Was your club the only club in your area?

Did you advertise or did it grow through word of mouth and do you train elsewhere to keep your level up or do you find instructionals extremely helpful in learning new techniques.

Just curious as I may be moving somewhere isolated that has no BJJ whatsoever.


WestOz: Unfortunately I don't have time to write too much here, but I'll write something.

I just put an ad in a local forum that many martial artist that live in my city read regularly. I told them that I had some bjj tapes and asked if there were people out there that wanted to learn this with me. I also said that I was very serious about doing this and was bent on not quitting after a few weeks (like these things usually do). In the ad I also asked if someone knew about any half way decent place to train at. Just the floor of someone's basement would do at first.

I immediately got many responses. A guy that owned a boxing gym nearby wanted to train with us because he had bjj interests, not only boxing interests, and he let us practise at his gym. We've both trained in an Aikido hall and in a boxing ring.

Some of it grew through work of mouth as people have generally been very happy with my classes. A downside to all of this is that I always have to know much more than I can actually do, or at least have some ideas. So I knew f.ex. a lot about an armbar before I was ever good at doing it. Now, it's one of my highest percentage moves in sparring and it's largely because I've given it so much thought. Who knew it was going to pay off, eh? ;)

So contrary to what many people think, I think you CAN learn the basics of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from instructionals and the internet, but you have to be EXTREMELY dedicated and, to get to a high level you obviously have to go abroad someday and meet higher level people. Another bad thing about doing it this way is that it takes up SO much of your freetime watching your instructionals again and again and hanging on this forum among other web sites.

Basically my thinking has been all the way - to hell with it, I'm going to train bjj (or submission grappling if you want to call it that) whether I've got a real teacher or not. I'll just freaking teach myself and whoever that wants to be in this with me. My current status - so far, so good. I couldn't be happier with it.

Thanks my friend,

Some good info I will use.

I appreciate it.

All the Best