Att: Luchador

Found tab for 'Desnuda' if you don't have it yet, here's the link. The translation by LaCuerda seem to be the closest. Like some feed back from you if they sound right. Thanks.

Hey man,

 Not being the musician in the family, I have gotten a few friends a cousin together to bring their set ups and mess around. I will tell you how it sounds after I hear it. Thanks for the link btw!

Cool, thanks.


Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. My little shin-dig didn't come off until this past weekend. And I had to bribe some of my artsy fartsy aquiantances with asado : ) LaCuerda seemed to be the closest to me also. My cousin's and his crew agreed. I showed him the website and he said that he didn't understand why "Super Cifras" was so highly rated. That version didn't sound so bad to me either but, again not being the musician...what do I know.

Thanks, man. Been practicing the song but not even close getting it right. Tab is difficult, thankfully I know how the song goes. Tried playing "Minutos" also. Sounds like a cool drinking ballad.

Asados?! Yum! With chimichurri?

You're welcome man..."With chimichurri?" know it!