Att. M.Thorton: How did you start?

Matt: I'm curious how you began the video side of your company. What/who do you use to duplicate your tapes/DVDs to the highest quality possible? For instance - I have countless matches of myself and friends competing in jiu-jitsu tournaments, MMA, etc...that I would like to professionally splice on 1 video/DVD that I could duplicate for my friends, family and team. Is there a professional company I could outsource this to that wouldn't be too expensive? This is one of the reasons why I want to find this out but I am also curious how companies do this in general. Thanks!


All the past videos where shot on Beta, and edited by me reel to reel.

The Singer dvd, and Rodney King DVD where the first of our tapes (SBG Productions) to be shot on digital. They where edited on computer by other people. I out sourced the material to local companies after I had time coded the material and given them a list of what I wanted.

Honestly when it comes to the new computer editing I am lost, so I out source it. You should call around your area and get some local prices if you are interested in that. However, I know with the new editing programs on PC, and Mac it's pretty easy to edit yourself, and the cost for the editing system probably would not cost too much more then it would to pay someone to edit a tape or two. So I would look into that for cost effectivness.

For those questions regarding software Luis knows much more then I do. I don't do that myself.

Also, Christian from Denmark is a whiz with that stuff. He may a great person to speak with on the subject. His dvd set he is editing about my last Denmark and UK tour is pretty amazing.


Depending on what format you have your footage on, it can be easy or difficult. If it is on analogue like VHS og Hi8 it is pretty complicated, as you need to understand a lot about capturing, compressing and so on. If it is digital like on DV tape, it is super easy to import to your computer using a firewire cable.

The software you would need depends on what you wanna make. If you want to make an easy, simple video I would recommend you to use Windows Movie Maker which comes with Win XP. It is really easy to use and you can make some pretty good things I think. For making easy and simple DVDs, I would recommend something like Roxio DVD builder.

If you want to make something more professional, you would probably need something like Adobe Premiere. I use it for all my editing jobs. It is very advanced but also pretty difficult to learn. I am currently using it to produce a dvd series for Matt and also a tv- and dvd production from European Vale Tudo. I just did a trailer for that, check it out here:

Yes, I both competed and filmed the event :)

Duplicating DVD's is really simple, just use any burner software. This ofcourse depends on the copy protection applied to the disc, but if you made it yourself - no problems.

Hope that helped,

Christian :)

I capture Digital Video via FireWire. I capture Analog with a Canopus ADVC-100 (Analog to Digital Video Converter). This makes capturing video pretty much the same whether I shoot DV or a chick gives me an Analog tape she shot herself. I then edit using Vegas Video 4. This is similar to Adobe Premier but I feel that it is easier to use. Vegas vs Adobe is kind of like the PC vs Mac or 9mm vs 45 arguments. If you decide to try it yourself and run into to problems just post your questions here.


Matt and everyone else - thank you so much for the help. I am very lost too when it comes to this stuff, but you all gave me a few ideas of who to talk to and where to start. Maybe I should see if any of the jun fan guys know more about computers than I do? Hehehe, low blow, sorry.

oh yeah, Christian - thats pretty funny that you both competed and edited the video. Reminds me of my friend who competed in a MMA event AND wrote the write up for the event for addc news. Would you mind giving me your e-mail or e-mailing it to me at if any questions come up in the future since I probably won't get started on this until 2-3 weeks?

Also if Adam/Rory Singer is out there, a friend told me you posted on one of my threads about coming to Athens and trading rubber guard for crazy monkey which sounds like a great idea as soon as I heal up enough to train from the prolotherapy and rehab I am getting - thanks!

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Sorry to hijack your thread FB, but a question for Christian and Luis.

I use Pinnacle BlueBox for Analog Video capturing. I havent really done any Video Editing yet. But I am learning Premier 6 as part of my degree. How much difference is there between Premier 6 and Vegas Video? Is it a cheaper solution? I only have access to Premier at University and dont have near the money to purchase a full version of premier!



I only use Premier Pro so couldn't assist you with any info on Vegas Video.


vegas is supposed to be better and easier to use.

The majority of people i know use premiere and i dabble with it once in awhile but its really complicated.

not much difference between 6 and pro.

Thaks for the info. is Vegas available for a trial download?


Don't know much about Vegas sorry. Really I don't find Premiere very complicated, but maybe that's because I've been working with adobe products for many years now and therefore is familiar with the logic.

As Fernando say, there's not much difference with premiere 6 and 7 (pro) besides the better performance and realtime rendering in pro. No problem buying version 6 if you wanna save some money.

Hey Beev,

Premiere is a good way to go and I use it and like it a lot, but I use Storm software more often. Storm comes on a Canopus system which also runs Premiere. I like the real time rendering I have with Storm as it saves a lot of time and aggravation in the editing. I used Storm when I edited the Rodney King 3 DVD set. Canopus is also Avid compatible. Sorry, I don't know anything about Vegas.