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I was wondering what were the jewish funerary rites. Is there any special rite to be done when someone dies, or a specific time to bury the dead?, are there any forbidden things (ie. to touch the dead bodies, or something like that).

Thanks in advance

Oy! I'll post some links at the bottom and you can read to your heart's content.

Know this then- the dead are to be revered, and nothing that can descecrate the body should be done unless it is absolutely neccessary. The body should be buried next day, 2 days if relatives are away and can make it (this likely stems from the fact that Judaism grew up in an arid envrionment and bodies decay quickly in such a place). Jewish mourning is a long and complicated process. The first week after the death, you sit in a dark room, and feel the loss. For the next few months, you abstain from parties, concerts, etc. After a year, life returns to normal. Furthermore, a mourner should say Kaddish daily. The Kaddish is not a prayer said to help the dead's soul along (they will be judged on their own merits, we can do nothing for them now) we say it for us. He who is in mourning stands up in front of the community and says, everyday- despite the fact that I have lost a loved one, G-d is one!


this should cover whatever is on your mind. I pray there is no illness in your family.


Thank you very much MS!. Great info.

Thanks for your thoughts. My family has 'been blessed with health' (as my mother likes to call it), and I hope yours is blessed, too.