Att. Mike Camp

Hay Mike whats up holmes? How have you been? I'm not sure if you remember me or not but this is Maurice 'Blue Magic" Walker. I used to be a pretty decent fighter but now I'm just a workin man tryin' to make a living. Anyway, the reason i'm writing you is because I'm SEREOUSLY thinking about relocating to Indy. Not necessarily to pursue a fighting career but just to be there cuz I fuckin' love Indy! When I first met you, you were cool as hell to me and told me to hollar at you if I ever came to Indy and I did and you hooked me up. (thanks btw) I wanted to ask you a coup. of questions. 1 how much is it to train at your bad ass gym? 2 would I be asking to much if I asked you to help make my transition easier? Not money or staying with you or anything but you just letting me know where I can afford to stay and if it's worth it. I have a few more, but I will keep it at this. Thanks Mike for your time and for any info! You can get back at me or email me at



Thanks sgavin!

Email Mike at


Thanks Scott!!


of course I remember you tard! lol. will be emailing. We have a great group of guys to work with and you would be a welcome addition!!!!!!!!!!