ATT NAGA Chicago Results

Parrumpinha lost to Jens by a score of 5-4.Parrumpa had a tight triangle to begin the match and had it on for a while. Credit Jens for getting out and coming back to win. Congrats to Jens. Parrumpa is a champ and will be back.Jeff Monson Won the expert 175/over division.Gesias "JZ" Calvancanti split first place 174/under expert division with Fabio from BTT.Dan won the Masters Advanced Heavyweight Division.Also, congrats to the kids Alex and Chase for getting in there and competing.Congrats to all the guys who competed today.Oh, Wades guy survived. He deserves the cash.American Top Team

Can we get a play by play of the pulver win?

Nice! Congrats Jens Pulver!!

Parrumpa pulled guard and had a tight triangle which Jens eventually escaped from. Parrumpa got 2 points for ths solid sub attempt. Both guys back to the feet where Jens snapped down Parrumpa for 2. Parrumpa worked from 1/2 guard and almost swept Jens but both guys somehow reversed each other. Score tied 4-4. Sketchy on the last point they awared to Jens. Not sure how but credit to Jens on the win. Wish I had more for you. This was called in to me.


did Drew Fickett vs Fabio Cavalcante happen? I saw them fight each other in MMA last week and think they were to both be in this also?


What happened with Wade's fight?

amazing!! pulver defeated parrumpinha!!! really incredible. who gesias and fabio fought with?

Yeah! Fabio Holanda.

BTT / GAMMA does it again. Hope the rest of the
team did ok as well.

I was in Quebec City watching my old riend
Wagnney Fabiano choke out Tommy Lee instead.
Great night all around.

Congrats to the ATT guys!

ttt for old man dan and JZ!!!!!!

congratulation, Dan (fatass).

"Gesias "JZ" Calvancanti split first place 174/under expert division with Fabio from BTT."

so was it a tie?

They probably had a training tie in. BTT traditionally does not fight itself during tournaments. ATT is a recent offshoot of BTT so the ties are still there.

Sled Dog is correct. Great job guys.

Hermes, its going to be your fault if Dan locks himself in his room for a week! LOL!

sled dog-do you not have any news from Chicago? How did Dave and Patricio do?

TTT for the guys to see.American Top Team