Att: No Love

Is it possible you could email me my fight from last night.
Thanks for having me in the show, it was a great event.


How did you do? Didn't Ron fight on the same card? If so, how did he do?

Ron fields won in the second round by side choke (school yard style) after a great battle

I got a tko in the first round

That's what i'm talkin' about Trevor! Can't wait to see you in the UFC in the furture! I think things are starting to finally look good for all of us. Congrats! Jason

congrats trevor

thanks everyone.

congrats Trevor and Ron!

Thanks for the info guys. Its good to see Ron fighting again. He is a good guy.

Dont forget about Tyler Combs. Ron, Trevor, and Tyler kicked more Louisiana ass than Hurricane Katrina! Congrats guys!!

check out no love ent quick results thread for some pics and descriptions
of the fights