att: NYCers

this ufc card is teh suck, but i know one thing that can make it enjoyable: a UG/OG get-together at playwrights, a bar in times square. it's on 49th street between broadway and 7th avenue.

who's down? buttskootaz assemble!

Wish I could join you...this is the first card I'm not ordering...

Damn, I would but I'm having a UFC party at my house. Sounds like fun though. Seriously.

Dude, where have you been?


i haven't seen you on these forums for months

i went on vacation for a bit, but i'm always around.

I was starting to worry


I have to watch a fuckin' play tomorrow night with my girl BUT I may just head on to Playwrights' afterwards. Yee haw!

so who's coming? my wife and i will be the ones chanting 'kick his ass, seabass!'

lol wait a min.

I was at UFC 39 (Randy vs. Ricco) and there was some Brazilian-looking dude screaming that the whole time. Were you there by any chance???

ttt I'm in.


i don't think i'm brazilian looking...

UFC crowd begins at 9:00. Three floors. The third floor has a big screen that will be opened up if enough people show. Looks like a good time. There are some booths available on the second floor if you get there in time. See you all there.

Bars on all three floors.

Teh Bar

First Floor

Second Floor Room 1

Second Floor Room 2

Second Floor Bar

Third Floor with Big Screen (proprieter on the right)


I saw UFC 60 there. It was a good time, I won $10 from someone who wanted to bet $100 that Royce would win. Sadly, I didn't have $100 on me, so I settled for $10.


How many people showed up approx? Was the big screen room open?





"How many people showed up approx? Was the big screen room open?"

Sorry I didn't get to this last night. Yes, the big screen room was open.