Hell of a fight from what I heard. Major props to Micah. Still good on our bet correct?


 I was just joking about out bet...........of course we are still good.

 Please give me 48-72 hours to get it squared away and figure it out, ive never done a screen name bet. I am also in grad school, thus the delay. It will be for 1 month from the date of change?

Sound good to you?


PS Congradulations to CUB. From the sound of things it was an action packed fight.



No worries. I was getting texts from one of my friends that was at the fight and she said Micah left it all in the cage. I guess we have to email a mod and they'll change the name. One month it is and thanks for being a good sport. Btw, Swansowned will be the name. Have a good night Tim. We'll touch base again mid week.

I got some texts from a friend at the fight as well. Said Micah fought real tough. He just ran in to a very tough and game Cub Swanson.

Congrats to both. Sounds like they BOTH really put on a great fight.

No shame in losing a great war to a great fighter.


 Good deal, thanks, and again, congradulations.