Att: Polydamas 2

First of all i would like to say that you are a great fighter and grappler, but what i don't understand is the reason why you are still a purple belt in BJJ.
Your grappling is world class, many of the fighters that you have competed against in BJJ are either brown belts or black belts now but you still haven't been promoted, is there a reason for this??
I do not mean to disrespect by asking you this but im sure many people not only me would like to know.
thnk you

ttt for a reply...

Larry lacks the basic level of personal hygiene that John Donehue requires to award a brown belt.I have brought this up with Larry on several occasions but he seems to be at peace with his homeless man aroma and flaky scalp.

Paul Dallow is just upset that Larry called him stinky.

I agree, I think Larry is an awesome fighter and grappler. Alas, the situation is more complex than a simple answer which can be made on an internet forum.


I always welcome Larry's constructive criticism.I look up to larry more than anyone else in the whole world,so much so that I'm undergoing foreskin reconstructive surgery to be more like the man himself.

Elvis, how complex can it be, i know some trainers don't give out belts like hot bread while others do.
For instance i know John Will dosen't like giving out belts. So perhaps this is the case with Larry.

My opinion of you has climbed even further to learn that Paul. But what about hair plugs (and not on your head either)?

MMAFun, it's more complex than something so simple as that. Lets let leave it at that unless Larry decides to reply himself (which I can understand him not wanting too).


Ok Elvis, we'll leave it like that but Larry if you read this thread and want to reply, do not hesitate to do so.
BTW Elvis how come your not a black belt yet?? A.Lange got promoted, John Simon got promoted also but you didn't what's up with that?? I think you have done enough to earn it..


"Elvis how come your not a black belt yet??"

I don't know since I can't promote myself. You'd have to ask the person responsible for promoting me.


lol, good point Elvis, do we have John Will in da house???

MMAFun = Stalker to the stars ??


lol, good one Tank. but im not a stolker..