ATT Pro Fighter Training Pics...

Pezao & Mino getting ready

Muay Thai Coach Ouali going over drills with Pitbull

Liborio taking one for the team!


Mino & Mario "Big Hurt"

Mario & Pezao

Aurelio working his ground game

Pezao looks alot like Anotnio Junior Silva in those pictures.

cool pics, thanks

Cole Miller & Marcue Aurelio

Mino taking the arm

"Pezao looks alot like Anotnio Junior Silva in those pictures."


Hope you guys enjoyed the pics.

I have a bunch more on our website you can check out by Clicking Here

American Top Team

Some of those guys look like they might have potential down the road. Do they have any fights under them, like smoker matches or something?


nice looking place

TTT for American Top Team

thanks for the pics!


Spicoli- Havn't heard. We already have an academy in WPB run by Parrumpinha.

Can't wait to see you guys next week.

ttt for the best gym in the world!


No helmets! I leave for a week and it turns into bloodsport!


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