Att: Rerox. Re: Injuries

Yo man, what's the news on you and your bro's injury status?

doin wrist hurts and i cant bend far but overall im hangin....mri on tuesday for the knee.....

Oh, I thought it was this past tuesday, that's why I was asking...

How's Darvin's rib?

Get well soon guys.

busted ass philipinos

Damn, I'm glad I'm only partly filipino, because I'm only partly busted.

damn arlovski wannbe cant spell filipinos right...and you call yourself a teacher..shame shame.....

Big D...thanks bro. I am going to milk it for what its worth and train until my appointment.:)

doh! should spell check before I playa' hate...

I dig Asian chicks.

who doesn't?;)

once you go asian you never go caucasian.:)

ROTFLMAO @, I mean rerox.