ATT Results AFC/FCC Wisconsin

We had 3 fighters on tonights card and came away with 2 wins and 1 loss.Petrus "Buffalo" Walker faced off against Bobby Garrits from Dave Strassers academy. Buffalo got the win by decision, after controlling much of the action in this fight. Nice win for Buffalo, this was his debut fight.Thiago Jambo didn't have the same success in his debut, as he loses a tough one to Nick Thompson. Congrats to Nick on his win. Thiago is a young fighter who will learn and grow from this loss.Wilson Gouveia took on tough vet. fighter Mike Delaney scoring a KO of round 1. Wilson was able to get the takedown, pass guard and mount. From there Wilson opened up throwing bombs, Mike turned giving up his back, Wilson put the hooks in and threw more bombs till he got the KO. Good to see Wilson back in action. He always comes to throw down.Congrats to all the fighters tonight!American Top Team

a KO from behind?



ttt for complete results.

How did Pat O'Malley and Ron Faircloth do?

Congratulations Nick!

Who won the co-main event, Petz vs. Serrano?

Sorry guys, I haven't heard the other results. If I get them I'll post.



Pat and Ron both won decisions.

what about the petz fight???

Funny how Manny thinks everyone is obsessed with his name on this board and that he is not reading or cares about what is being said yet I see his responses on here more and more everyday.
ttt for ATT

Hmmm. OK, the weight class is 265.

I think at weigh ins, Buffalo was 252, and Bob was in the 230s. Bob was under the impression the match was at 230, but BUFFALO cannot make 230.

This was more communication issues with Dave, me and Bob rather than ATT - it has nothing to do with ATT.

I apologize to Bob if he feels this affected his performance - I thought he had a good fight, and that Buffalo was tough as well - they are both well trained.

AFC has a 225 lb class, that Bob could be VERY dominant in, we just need to get it right.

Miguel-Thanks for clearing that up.

chooch-Best of luck to Bob in his future fights.

One thing you can not argue is that ATT are true professionals. I can't believe they would intentionally show up overweight and expect to fight. Doesn't sound like them and I doubt that was the case. My hat is off to Bob for taking the fight as I'm sure it did effect him mentally to expect one thing and get another.

I am Bob's roomate here in Wisconsin. He said the Buffalo and ATT where great guys, no disrespect to them. Bob had a verbal agreement to a 230 pound weight class. When I told him the card said 265, he asked again and was told that it was areed at 230, but the official class was still 265 (kind of like how Serrano was not at an official weight class). The day of weighins it was found out that he was 252 (BOB was 224), and Bob got more money to still fight.
He had a great time and has no injuries. Just some miscommunication I think. ATT are great fighters.

i wanted to give props to miguel for some great match making.these fights is wisconsin get better and better.
also props to wilson goveia of the american top team.he showed me how well rounded of a fighter he really is.
and some great boxing skills by nick thompson.he will stick that jab down your throat.

and last but not least.ron faircloth and pat o'malley.both fights went to a decision.but both bouts were great.

o'malley actually knocked his guy out form his back.dude was in his guard and fuckin "bam".upper cut to the chin and his body went limp.i cant believe it was not stopped ,but he came back too before the ref could step in.