att: rkjmd

as a MAVS loyalist....I ask you this.

Care to attend the game 3 Friday with a stranger?


What a surprise. A little more hate in the world thanks to our good friend kanotoa.

Sad really.

Your profile says you live in Hawaii, one of the most beautiful places in this world, and yet you seem as bitter and spiteful as they come.

subfearo asking rkjmd out on a date is weirding me out.

so you dont want the other ticket DMF?

Go for it SoG. First you can watch Paul fuck the whole Mavs team and the after subfearo slips you some roofies you'll finally be able to understand why women hate getting donkey punched.

Unfortunately I'm on call Friday night, but thank you for that generous offer.

looks like i still have a seat to fill.

subfearo, you don't have a nephew or something man?

quick, sure i have people to attend with, but i don't lurk for nothing. these are good forums and for the most part good people. i have put faces with a few and had some good times. i like for true fans to attend true games.

what ticket were you so lucky to decline kanotoa?


sub, don't get defensive. You will be watching an exciting Mavs victory live, while they are watching it on tv and hoping in vain that the Hornets will eliminate the one team they don't want to meet in the Western Conference Finals. Cheer the Mavs on to victory for me!

subfearo, that is pretty cool of you. And I am sure if you have lurked here long enough we all give each other a LOT of shit, but for the most part it is all in good fun. Enjoy the game tomorrow.