ATT: Ron Merrill

Hey I saw you sent out a Myspace bulletin saying good bye and deleted your Myspace account. Everything OK man?




ttt for Ron. I remember Ron from years ago when I posted on Tito's site.

Hope all is well with him.

I hope so to. He might of just got bored with Myspace like a lot of people do. Just checking though because Ron seems like a really nice guy who I know posts here.

Doesn't he write articles for on occassion?

Elias should know what is up with Ron

what up Ron...what happened????


Hey, guys.

Awesome show of support as always! Thanks for the kind words. Everything is fine with me. I just spread myself too thin lately and I have a lot going on right now.  I will probably be offline for about a month or so as I start packing my house this week and move this weekend. 

I will be back to Myspace when I'm settled in. I have already reserved the profile.  I'll send out requests to everyone again when I come back.  Later guys.

Cool Ron. Just making sure you didn't go "Benny Blanco from Sherdog" on us. :)


No worries.  By the way, this will be the home of my new page:


Check out the new page.  You might like the format.


Miss you ROn !


please check it out if you haven't.  let me know what you think. There will be original content there.