Att: Sayonaise & Andre - arm tria

Following on from the discussions about the arm triangle defence, Royce has been here in Mexico all week running a training camp and we were working arm triangle and defence yesterday.

He showed us pretty much the defence that you were talking about:

If my right arm is accross my neck and you are on my right side, I use my left hand to force my right arm down and grab my leg behind the knee with my right hand. This blocks the choke attempt. Then I move my hips away from you, and either sit up to reverse or drive my right arm above my head and step my right leg over my left (kind of like the armbar escape) depending on your body position.

I have to say, it works a treat. Just goes to show that seeing something live can make a real difference from just reading it!


Good Times, it's good to know other people are getting help with this, now check out my post on the brabo choke defense so you can start preventing that.

Am really enjoying the Royce seminar. He has a great way of explaining things, even if he is speaking a comedy mix of Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Lots of little details on techniques I thought I knew!