ATT: Shamrock1fan

Tito has been cleared to fight. So you better tell that jerk bitch monkey Ken Shamrock to eat his steak and chicken or Tito will make his face look like steak and chicken for the second time in a row.

and this bs begins again

ATT: Everebody ... YOU SUCK

I predict the same outcome from the UFC 40 in the same fashion.

Tito doesn't have the warrior spirit to hang with a brawler and leglocker of Shamrock's caliber.

what if it was Tito was secretly shamrock1fan? It would make alot of sense.


I apologize, I know Team Shamrock owns this place now and I don't want to make waves or my jerk bitch monkey ass will get beaten into living death.


Shamrock1fan's jerk bitch ass it not going to respond because he knows he'll get beaten into living death.