Att: Supersaisyn

good luck this weekend my friend, it should be an amazing game win or lose. Beating the steelers twice in pittsburgh seems very unlikely but so far its been a magical year hopefully it keeps going.

Are you going to the game Sunday? (I'm not even sure if you live in Pitt) but I am looking into getting tix and making the haul there

haha naw i wont be going to the game but i am Steeler fan - and not in pittsburgh anymore since like 20 years lol but i expect a good game man.. sorry i was not on here a few days since the computer had a virus . Just got the computer back from the shop yesterday :)

u in ny? i actually relocated to pa from nYC (astoria queens )

oh no shit? yea i live on long island lol. one of my good friends used to live in astoria near the beer garden, its a really nice place

yea i was there a good 5 years n loved it n would LOVE to move back there...i thought Astoria was the spot to be in my opinion and Long Island City ( LIC ) which literally bordered Astoria :) Mostly GREeks and some Croatians/Serbian types a lil as well as a dab of russians..

LIC was lovely with BRazilians :)

i used to live in Brooklyn (bed STuy) mainly Jamaicans --especially along Fulton street which ran all the way downtown brooklyn :)