Att:Team Quest

My brother and I were down there training with you guys Sept/Oct. We had a great time and learned quite a bit. I sent some hats down from work for some of the guys we trained with, let me know if you have received them yet. If anyone wants any more I have all sorts of colours all with the Toronto Police badge on the front.


Shawn & Jason

Are you guys the two wrestlers from Canada?

In your 30s or so... ?


Yes you are correct. I still live up here in Toronto, but my brother moved down to California back in 92 to wrestle for Fresno State and hasn't returned since. We met two Jacobs when we were down there which one were you.


I'm 6'0" 250...

Missing one of my two front teeth...


Were you the guy I was training with the last day we were there at team practise?

It was a morning class.

We got into groups of three and it was me with you guys.

I remember the class, it's nice to finally meet the infamous Jacob Lamb! HA HA! What happened to the front tooth?

Jason won his fight at Gladiator Challenge on November 18, some of the pictures are on sherdog.

Thanks for making us feel at home and kicking our asses.

Shawn & Jason

"What happened to the front tooth?"

Greg Piper. 125 pound pro boxer that hits REALLY hard for his size.