Att Tim Moussel

Can you please email me



Thanks a million guys for the responces. I havent seen Tim in a long time. I hope all is well with him.

yeah, I remember going to Mousels before started up....gotta be 10 years ago now.

yeah i was an old Mousel's guy too. I remember ajax, Slipery pescado, TrustNo1, the whole crew. that was a fun time. I hope all is well with Tim.


Do you remember Gargoyle, cool hand Ed?

yeah i remember Gargoyle

Zat vuz me....

what's up dude? Actually its funny cause i am familiar with you Rastus, but i never made the connection between you and Gargoyle. :) I see trust post around here. and i also see keiths and 5 o clock shadow. Are there any other old timers around?

Hey what's up CHE! How are you these days?
I wasn't on Mousel's much but we trained together at TTJC =)


What's up Clay? How are you man? Been a long time. I am living in Pittsburgh now. Do you still live in Tennessee?


lol...not much. Just bought a pair of boxing gloves, actually. It's been a long time since I've boxed, so it should be fun.

I notice you're a green namer now. Congradulations.

I remember you and lots of other people back in those, what I call, wild west days of posting. My brother, pitdog arguing with thedon, the Harlot epistles and others.

Good to see an old timer posting!

I'm in Atlanta now, by way of Tokyo (lived there for 2 years). How do you like PA? Are you training up there?
Shoot me an email at sometime.

What's up Adam?? Greetings from Beantown!!


Kev email me man!

I miss Harlot

CHE I remember you. I posted under a few names but mostly Mundyman and MatWarrior. Dont exspect you to remember me though. TTT for tim

who was duckunder?

Duckunder is Bruce H. Lee.

I am not surprised to hear that Pitdog was your brother Rastus, although you two seem to have quite opposite temperments.

I remember DeathDealer, a BYU wrestler that trained with both Schultz and Bayless. Riverstyx actually fought Sean Sherk in Dangerzone in his first MMA experience (tough way to start).

Agent Orange was a great poster when he was around, fightfan was a literal encyclopedia of fighting, and both the Donbreakyourarmi and Vig Pawar were amongst the all time great trolls ever.


How can I forget StevenSteele, BJJ Black Belt? He is twice the troll that OMA could ever hope to be.


Cool hand Luke email me man I havent seen you in forever dog!

ttt Tim if you see this email me: