ATT Timmy tap out

Hey Timmy
Just some info on Piotr's fight. Piotr initiated and almost had a stand up choke until Andrew jumped to guard. Piotr passed and controlled Andrew for the rest of the fight. Andrew tryed a couple of submissions but were unsuccessful.
Tommy done really well MMA for a guy with very limited ground experience. matt was dissappointed to lose but knows he will not make that mistake again.
Train hard as I know you do?? Mick

Poit reminds me of Elvis in a way... technically precise and controlled but not relying so much on brute strength....or pure body mass eh Mick? ;)

Still, I'd fukin turd my pants if I had to face Poit in the opposite corner.

I'm seeing out my 10th year or so of wheelchair basketball, ending in a few months with full intention of starting up with you guys full time after that if I'm welcome there still...? I know it depends on how many guys are there already, but I'm keen.

Cheers for the rundown bru. I wish I had known about it!!

Next time Gadget, next time......

Always Welcome .