ATT Welcomes Dennis Hallman!

American Top Team would like to welcome Dennis Hallman to the team.

We are very pleased and excited to have someone of Dennis Hallman's caliber associated with ATT.

He is a tremendously talented fighter who has some huge wins over the likes of UFC Champion Matt Hughes.

We feel the addition of both Dennis Hallman and Denis Kang brings our team to a new level. They are both consumate pros in their approach to the sport and to their training.

Dennis Hallman is also signed to fight Rory Singer in the next AFC show Feb. 12th Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Best of luck to Dennis on his upcoming fight!

Welcome to the family!

American Top Team

Greattt news!!!

im pretty sure the fight with hallman and singer is not signed yet

Well Done guys

Yeah, I remember reading the release for American Top Team West and seeing Dennis' name.

ATT has everything a team could ask for, except a website :)


I here you Hackett, LOL. I posted in that regard. A couple of weeks as I understand it. ATT is always on point. They know what's up.

HOLY CRAP! Superman and ATT. Whats the word for better than badass?



Hallman has been training at ATT West since it opened a few weeks ago in Olympia, Washington.

Also training there are Anthony Hamlett and Travis Doerge (ISKA ranked MT kickboxer and former Mo Smith student).

The new gym is pretty nice and right on the water next to a marina. We were there Wednesday evening and a couple Olympia cops stopped by to inquire about training.

just keeps getting better!

Sounds good for all concerned. Awesome.


Is Dennis going to be instructing students in his secret art of HUK????

You know there is NO known defense for HUK (Hallman's Ultimate Karate)

wasn't Hallman just recently a part of Team Quest? What is up with guys switching teams every week now a days?

TTT for Superman

American Top Team

Congrats to Superman, he is a great fighter and I hope he wins the 170lb UFC belt. Hallman is a super nice guy and always makes time for the fans. TTT for the superman.

Its Pronounced: Karatay

Hallman's secret technique is called upper body karate.

Hallman won his weight class in the advanced division today at GrappleMania Seattle. I'm hoping to have video footage and photos on by the end of next week.

TTT for Hallman.

Hallman's going to fight Rory? Isn't he a little too big for Superman? Anyway, here's hoping Rory lays the smackdown on the 12th.