Attack of the trans

They are mentally unstable and violent as fuck. I saw the immeadiate aftermath of one smashing the heel of his shoe into the eye of this white guy in THailand didnt look like he was going to lose the eye but didnt look pretty. Apparently it asked him if he wanted boom boom and he said fuck off. She tried to kill him for it

Two guys that are bigger than the one guy they’re fighting should be able to win very easily if they’re all of a similar skill level.

This video makes a lot of sense.

3 guys that can’t fight, so 2 on 1 throwing haymakers makes the outcome fairly obvious.

lady boy likely had a few years Muay Thai growing up. White boy learned a lesson. Smile and say no thanks next time instead of having a tough guy attitude in a third world country.

You obviously havent been there, you cant smile and poltiely say no to a thai ladyboy they are aggressive as fuck and persistent, my trick is to act like im revolted and mock throwing up as they approach which works

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