attacking using pickups?

I generally use urange or various other pick ups as counters after a weak attack or a good attack that i have baited or seen coming.. but..

i want to start using them to attack and set up my throws... can you give me some ideas..

right now i use o uchi gari to get in maybe fake an ankle pick and then go for the pickup. i might also try a kosoto gari/gake and if i can get off to the side and in deep enough i will try it there as well but they are not really working.. so i need some pointers / tips or new ideas to look into..



Go to

Follow the instructions for the download for Gadavlia
it should give you some good ideas.

im not sure what you are considering to be a pick-up. its hard to tell you what to do if im not sure what pick-ups you like. if uranage is successful for you as a counter then id suggest you begin throwing it offensive as well. it is more or less a belly to belly that you do vs an opposte player.

take you lapel hand, reach around the back with it, nice and loose.. no sleeve grip. stand perpendicular with uke, then circle right in front of him, pull him up onto you, arch your back and keep circling.

if it gets blocked you can turn into uchimata, if you have one. i tend to try ko-uchi when i get blocked with it.


Thanks guys.

I should have been a bit more specific sorry..

I am looking for setups and combos to use to get into better positions to attempt my pickups. and generallywhen i say pickup i do mean uranage or a modified version of uranage maybe with a different grip or being a bitoff to the side as if it was a counter.

I started focusing on this more and more since i posted just messin around and faking uchimata and then coming off to the side and getting set up for uranage.. the same thing with ouchi/kouchi and as the person steps out of the way then come in for a pickup..

Josh i have your CD and watched some highlights and i see you straight up just attack someone and finish with a pickup and i think that is awesome!!!

Thanks again for the posts!!

two of my favorite pick-ups i set-up with foot techniques pretty often. i use a small kosoto/deashi/sticker with the dimelo and a sideways kouchi for teguruma.

in both cases i use the foot techniques to put uke's weight on 1 leg, making the other leg easier to pick-up. they also force uke to adjust to two very different forms of kuzushi, each requiring different reactions that are not usually put together.

i think pick-ups are also great counters to foot techniques. i counter ouchi and kouchi with tegruma and ill counter sticker/deashi/kosoto/osoto/uchimata with the dimelo.

if your focus is uranage, then i suggest you also learn to do it as a belly-to-belly throw as you spin-in against an opposite side player.


Cool posts Joshua.

Combos that vande walle didn't cover in his "pickups."

If you use your hips - snap your pelvic - it is like hydraulics for pick-ups.