Attacko pays his bets! :)

This was an MMA related bet, so I figured that I would let you all know that Attacko is a stand up guy. He paid up on a bet that we made. He has kept in contact with me since he lost the bet, and I received the package today. Included with the package was the money that he owed, and a shirt! I just want to say thanks to him, and let you know, since there have been a lot of threads on here about people that DON'T pay their debts, that ATTACKO will pay up! :)

Ps. I guess I owe Jeremy Horn a little "thank you" also! ;)

No Thank you sir for putting up with my delaying!

So if you win a bet with Attacko, you also get a shirt?

"So if you win a bet with Attacko, you also get a shirt?"

That is correct! ;) LOL!

Whether you want it or

Attacko619 is good people.



JHR is correct. JHR is ALSO good people! :)

*hopes the romoshops stop*


I am off to school again, but please keep this to the top for a man of high moral character! ;)lol

BZLJJ is good people also....

Attacko619 is dillusional...



*Fires up photoshop*


scared now

It is funny to me that someone would actually not pay a debt they

I am back from school, but just for the record, MIKEBLAK can confirm that I also pay my debts. I paid my debt when Din Thomas beat Matt Serra. This was a while ago, but I just thought that I should point this out...




Its good to see some honest gamblers here. The people get very angry with welshers.

lol!...looks like a wanted poster