Atten: BJJ Schools, check in here!

Joslins Martial Arts has a black belt instructor, one purple belt instructor and three blue belts!

Scheers Martial Arts

Marcus Soares rep Troy Scheer

Ph: 220-1426
Fax: 220-1428

Instructor:Brian Bird, Blue Belt under Roy Harris

Kougi Murakami, brown belt, teaches at

Centre Pro-Martial Phone: (514)374-2928
3441 Jean Talon E, Montréal, QC H2A 1X1

He's got three blue belts so far.


There is Angelo Exarhakos, a Renzo purple at Tristar gym on Ferrier street in Montreal. And there is black belt Wagnney Santos, brother to Leo Santos at Gelinas Martial Arts Academy at 1121 Ste-Catherine(west) in Montreal as well.

Rebellion JJ in Scarboro

1 purple: Omar Salvosa

5-8 blues (4 under Marcus, 1 under the Machados, 1 under Yamazakis, etc..), depending on who's around

1 orange belt in who-knows-what who wears a raggedy-ass gi, trains twice a month, and beats the shit out of alot of the blues ;)

1 He-Man look alike with toxic kneepads

We also get another v.good purple who comes around often. Lots of guests too since we're friendly w/ other schools.

Hi, Vince, Blue Belt under Marcio Canario, (Gracie Barra). I tain at Rich Beaupit's Academy of Martial Arts in St.Catharines. Everyone is welcome to come down and trian.


Wayne here from Shah Franco MA. There are alot of
blue belts here, not sure of the exact number, but
I'm not one of them, I'm just a wee whitey.

Shah Franco's, Ultimate Thai, Warrior MAC, Karma Martial Arts to name a few...I'll get the contact info shortly.

Finally an archived post about this!!!! Thanks Sothy.



Hey guys, alright this thread will be archived.

ANY BJJ school in Canada that has at least one bjj blue belt, please post your contact info here. A lot of guys will ask where the bjj schools are, might as well have a thread about it.

We can also see what can distribution bjj has across Canada (wonder if any of the territories have a school)...