Atten: TL1

You know you are one of my favorite fighters and a threat to anybody at 145 and it really bugs me that you don't have a green name yet. Is it because I can kick your ass and you don't feel worthy? Is it because I could score with more chicks? Or are you waiting for the UFC to get with the program and have a 145lbs class so you can kick some ass there? I need answers Tommy Lee you badd badd man!!

Where r u Tommy?

What's up Jeff? I can't be on here every second of the day otherwise work would wonder what they pay me for. They are still trying to figure that one out. I hope all is going well for you.

PS--Your last two shows were kick ass!! Keep up all the hard work buddy. Come down and see us very soon.

Hey Tommy,
I am hoping to come down Aug 28 and watch you fight. I was pretty bored today and had to harass you a little bit. TTT for u kicking some ass!

Tommy has another BIG fight set for Oct 23rd.... anyone care to guess?

Hey Mike, You aren't supposed to let the cat out of the bag yet about me and Tommy. He is supposed to be fighting me with both hands tied and feet bound with a paper bag full of shit wrapped around his head. I might have a chance then!!


Jeff, give us some names that are being thrown around for your future events