Attended my first BJJ class tonight!

It was very exciting to say the least. I spent about an hour there and was amazed by how the smallest movements make such a tremendous impact. I have no MA background but consider myself athlectic. I am going back tomorrow for the last class of the year and start my new years off right.

I will be doing both Gi and No Gi class just to get a chance to soak up 4 classes a week, I have searched the interwebz all night and have a few ideas but I wanted to know if anyone could give some advise on the following:

1) Good rash guard, Burned the elbows tonight and somehow the top of my foot practicing take downs.

2) A good GI for under $100? I am 5"8 160 and from what I read I am a A-2 for most sellers.

Thank you for any help!

1) The best rash guards out there are made by Rupture:
but really, any compression shirt (Nike, Underarmour, no-name) will do for now and you shouldn't need to spend more than $25 on one if you don't want to.

2) Go with the HCK unbleached Standard Single will run you $95 and will last for YEARS... Howard is a great guy too and posts here regularly. He will be more than happy to offer you advice on sizing and lets you mix & match jacket and pants sizes.

Welcome to the sport! ... great gi for the price.


I have some manto rash guards that have held up well and are very comfortable but you could just go with one under $15 at academy or walmart and just get a couple instead of one. Your elbows and feet will eventually toughen up and not take as much of a beating. Tatami mats can be rough at first. I still have scars on the tops of my feet from when I started a couple years ago.

Tap early and often and have fun. Best of luck.

...or you could spend a bit more like he said and get one of these which are very good quality for the price....

Wait, are you really Bo Bice?

Haha no i'm not the real Bo Bice. If I was your heads would explode from the awesome. Thank you for the advice people. Couple of more things from those of you who train:

1. I am about 5'8 and have a thicker lower body (insert gaey joke) than my upper. My legs are not as long as taller people so is there anything I should look at when training? Is there a certain guard or hold that will be tough for a shorter grappler?

2. Any BJJ noobie stuff I should stay away from doing during class that mkight get me choked a little harder for doing it lol. I am very respectful and am treating this the same way I did when I was 12 yo and playing FB for the first time, keep my mouth shut unless being spoken to and paying attention to everyone thats been there before me.

Remember, not right away, but pretty soon you are gonna want to start posting some instructionals on Youtube. Start planning for that.

Also, get going on that BJJ Blog! You aren't really doing BJJ unless you publicly post the minutiae of every BJJ-related experience.

<blockquote>shen - <br />Remember, not right away, but pretty soon you are gonna want to start posting some instructionals on Youtube. Start planning for that.<br /><br />Also, get going on that BJJ Blog! You aren't really doing BJJ unless you publicly post the minutiae of every BJJ-related experience.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /></blockquote><br />

Lulz, Should I start to fake my own BJJ credits as well such as BB under Walid lol? Nah i'm not kind of guy who needs everyone around me to know I a 12 hour old grappler. I'm damn near 30 and dont expect to go to far with this other than staying in shape and learning something that requires hard work and my full attention.

Another vote for HCKs even though the recent cotton calamity is screwing up pricing!

While not high speed bjj wear, the walmart rash guards Ridgeback is talking about(if I'm not mistaken) are like $8-$12 depending on sleeve length, and in my opinion are every bit as good as the nogi revolution stuff.

Re: your bjj for your body type. DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!! Right now your job is to a) be cool, b) focus 100% on the basics and everything your coach tells you, c) be cool, d) remind yourself to relax during drills/rolling, c) be cool, d) to NOT spazz during drills/rolling, e) be cool, f) focus on the basics/coach' input, and g)...good god man, remember to be cool!

Very good stuff there.

best advice is simple.. Just keep showing up.. soak it all in. I didnt start BJJ until I was 32.. 5 years later Im a purple belt, I keep showing up.. Hopefully within 5 more Ill earn a black belt.. I know its such a huge part of my life now Ill never quit.. Good Luck bro..

^ good advice, just keep going and make sure to enjoy yourself rather than overthink everything.

I'm going to my second class tonight and am looking foward to 2011. I will be attending 4-5 classes a week from Gi to No gi and a begginers MMA striking class to keep things diff. I'm hoping to learn as much as I can. Thank you for all of your help UG.

 Did you already get a gi? I am getting ready to list a black Atama gold weave A2 on ebay. I saw your thread and thought I would offer it to you. I wore it one time and did some light flow rolling, the sleeve were just a little too short for me (I'm right at 6'0"). I had to buy an A3 and shrink it. I washed it but did not dry it. It could still shrink if you need. I would sell it to a UGer for $115 total inc shipping. It is heavy so I have no idea how much it will cost to ship. My instructor is a Soneca black belt, he has one that has lasted for years. They will not tear or breakdown. If you are interested I can send you some pictures. You can also check out my ebay feedback c-a-n-e-s is my username. Thanks and welcome to the sport.


 I am approaching two years of BJJ now and I have been wearing Fuji gi's(very reasonable) and for No-Gi I wear a under armour style long sleeve shirt from Target(made by Champion and about 15 bucks) usually with a tshirt on top.  They have held up perfectly and that is all you can really ask for anyway.  I have grappling shorts(Sprawl) which I like but in the beginning I remember getting mat burns on my knees so if that is a problem, wear Gi pants for awhile. 

Good luck and have fun. 

Im going with a Fuji Gi that I saw on the MMA Warehouse site. The reviews seem good and its under $100. Tell me about the matt burn my knees and top of my foot were hurting after only an hour. I have a few long sleeve under armour style shirts im going to use. Anyone purchased a pair of the Sprawl UG grey shorts? I thought about getting a pair for the days I go No Gi n striking.

I have a few pairs of the shorts. They're great and cheap. Phone Post

Your feet will get tougher. Everyone that starts new at our gym has the same problem. Phone Post

Yeah, raspberries suck at first but once the callouses form it's all good.

Ouch does not sound like it will be fun with these burns. Any tips on stretching or working on my flexibilty? Any good sites or videos maybe? Thanks for all the help.