ATTENTION all FEMALE fighters 135-150!!!

UFA 1 in Charleston, SC is looking for ANY amateur female that would like to fight Sara McMann. The fight is June 11th.

We have been in contact with 7 different ladies to fight Sara and no one will step up.

Yes, she is an Olympic wrestling veteran. However, this is her MMA debut and has very little MMA experience.

We will fly in any female interested and a cornerman if necessary.

Come on ladies someone step up and give this girl a fight...

Please contact me at


C'mon, someone sack up and fight this broad.


Still no one? There has got to be a lady that wants to test Sara in her MMA debut.?

Weve had a few more girls respond, but still no fight.

Ladies this is an amateur fight and would be great experience to fight a wrestler of this caliber win or lose.

Also, Charleston is a beautiful city and you could get in a mini vacation on us.

Any takers?