Attention: All Fighters

It is up to YOU to update your fight records on the two sources the Association of Boxing Commissions has identified for Mixed Martial Arts fight records:'s "Fight Finder"; and the Full Contact Fighter database (

I've been going rounds with the officials here in Washington State because they believe these databases to be as accurate as Fight Fax has been for boxing. We all know that's simply not the case.

I encourage each of you to contact the administrators of these databases and correct your records manually...or risk being declined a fight because they have bad information on your history, or that of your opponent.


Not only that...but athletic commissions and other regulatory agencies are making decisions whether or not to approve prospective matches based on PAPER RECORDS ALONE!?!?

If your record isn't correct, you could be denied a fight! If your proposed opponent's recod isn't could be denied.

A couple of the fight cards in CA have already fallen apart because of this (along with the fact that the commission doesn't know shit about MMA).


yep, just happened with Jerry Spiegel for my show next weekend...

In NJ, they go with Sherdog and Fight Fax...

Thanks for the input.

Promoters and matchmakers - it is also in YOUR best interest to have potential fighters correct their records or risk being denied certain fights.