Attention all !!!!

This is really messed up!

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Craig Brown and those of you who do, know that I am a stand up guy and don't feed B.S. to people.

Last night my friend Jason Motard received a phone call from a pay phone in Toronto. The gentleman on the other end identified himself as one of  "Showtimes" (Markhaile Wedderburn's) friends.Markhaile and  Jason had fought at the last KOTC.

The gentleman continued to place vile threats ("the street's a lot different than the cage") to Jason and in closing made a threat on Jason's life ("you are a dead man").

Markhaile was contacted and knows nothing of this incident and as Jason and him are friends and are going to train together this month and he is concerned about this incident.

I feel that this incident should be taken seriously as us fighters may not understand the mentality of some of the fans but I feel that it is our duty to educate them that this is a sport and the sport comes  with wins and losses and we continue on without holding major grudges. I think that this fan may not be very educated in our sport and the professionalism of it and I hope that if he reads this it changes the way he feels.

Thank you

Craig Brown


Was this a case of a guy being drunk and doing some drunk-dialing, or did he actually sound sober and serious. Either way it sounds pretty fucked up if you ask me, since he actually had to do the research to get Motard's number, etc.

Jason said that he was sober and clear. He asked him many times to identify himself and no response.
Jason called the number back and it was a payphone in Toronto.

well said farmer

I'm counting down until someone blames Les Dickens.

Craig, just tell the guy to meet you guys in Kemptville for a good old fashion barn fight

As funny as that would sound we are taking this seriously.
besides someone is burning down all the barns out here!

Greg this is not a form for those comments and as I stated he was contacted and we trust that he knows nothing about the incident.
So Greg as my friend can you kindly delete your last post.
Thank you

The biggest problem I have with Kemptville is that there is a round-a-bout in town. What country town has a round-a-bout?

Hey Greg do you think Chester Post isn't a decent fighter?I've never seen him fight but you seemed to be saying if you lose to Chester then your not a good fighter.Or are you just saying that he was shooting off his mouth to Chester then lost to him.

Just want you to clarify.


thats pretty fuct Craig.. I met Markhaile the first time he fought in UCW. i didnt see him trash talk or anything. was a pretty decent guy. i dunno where he comes up with all this trashing talking now. but anyways.. thats pretty fuct that some ppl will take it that far to threaten someones life over a damn 1on1 fight in a cage with a ref.. some peoples children i tell yea.

Thats pretty messed up...Hopefully everything blows over without incedent and this kind of thing wont happen again in the future.


Hey Deafwoody

I said what I said, interpret it however you want. Ive hung out with Chester lots, he's a cool guy, just needs better choices of who he fights at the stage of his development he is in.

The fact that he got dominated then submitted by him, then for 5 minutes on the microphone made excuses and demanded rematch shows me his character. I was far from the only guy in the building booing his actions.

Farmer Brown. Why delete the post?? Im not slagging you, Jason Motard or any of FIT MMA. You guys are all warriors, trained athletes and most importantly professionals, something he is not.

Its sad really that I cant get a fight in the last 2 Freedom Fight/KOTC shows( not through any fault of Mr. Rodley) but "Showtime" can be a main eventer. Oh well I guess hype sells more tickets then heart and technique. We cant all be as skilled as Tank Abbott can we??

Its a public forum and I said what any person exposed to his antics in public would say. Okay lets hypothesize "Showtime" had nothing to with the threat but if his friends did this then were do you think they get the ammunition. Its stuff he's probably repeating to them back in his home turf.

I say the truth, like it or lump it "I keeps it real" and thats how I roll!! LOL

Greg Compton

Regardless, that is fucked up! Some people take shit way to personal, even when they are not the one's stepping in to the ring. It is probably only a matter of time til MMA has stalkers or wackjobs trying to attack the fighters. I blame prowrestling and Oprah Winfrey.

far be it for me to meddle in affairs that are none by business, but he may of wanted you to edit your post because of this line in his post:

Markhaile was contacted and knows nothing of this incident and as Jason and him are friends and are going to train together this month and he is concerned about this incident.

I think he doesn't want teh gangbanger to know one of his friends doesn't think highly of him. IMHO

glad to see showtime and jason training together...awesome!!!

wow that is crazy about that call...doesnt sound like showtimes style at all he was always quite humble and very respectful to me.

Greg, i tried hard to get you a fight man. One guy turned out to have a bad EEG and you declined the other because of the small weight diff...Im sure we will see you in the cage on a future show cause your a cool cat and i respect your abilities..i also respect markhaills potential and hope not to be slagged if i chose to give him another shot :)



showtime doesnt use the computer for mma gossip and i am glad the mottards people figured out it was no one associated with markhaille that called.. obviously in the fight game you are going to have people who love / hate you but when they start making phone calls i've got to stop and really think about it :)

who ever placed that call needs serious help..

i'd never roll with what you call a gangbanger piece of garbage.. perhaps speaking with the guy before pasisng judgment is a good idea.. a little gamesmanship come fight time is not always a bad thing


Aren't you training Markhaile now?

Having spoken to Mark, he appears to be a nice guy; however all snakes are good at hiding their true colors. The interesting thing is that it is believed that Mark has suspected association with organized gang members. Birds of a feather flock together. And you know once affiliated, you're never really "out of the game".

Is it cool to show our MMA fans (who come from various diverse groups) that it's ok to promote these individuals who are clearly associated with criminal parties? What kind of message does it send?