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Thanks for the link to the Strandpulling forums. i am having problems with logging in viz ez board so I cant opost there

Q ; do you use cables exclusively in your training and if so what kind of results have you sen. I have been just pulling since Christmas ,and last night i went out and people were telling me that I looked bigger and more muscular. The cable training is the only form of resistance training I enjoy doing but wanted to start doing squats and deadlifts again because they are so beneficial.

Q; how would one go about practicing his striking with cables. I saw the ads for the different types of training for different sports and was wondering if you could give me any techniques or tips? any exercises/drills you have would be greatly appreciated...

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thanks in advance. I am trying too get my ez board account fixed,I wont harass you withj questions again


I'm not Cau, but I do post on Fred's ez-board as kaesa and have been into strandpulling for a couple of years.

You can add a squat or lunges to just about any upper body exercise you do with cables.
Adding a squat/lunges with a front chest pull, or an overhead pulldown will get your heart pumping and help to work your balance too.

You can also try 1 leg squats. I double my cables up for those as it adds more resistance, and again helps to work on your balance.
Try lying on your back and doing leg presses at all angles.

Put a towel through 1 of the handles and do your leg presses to work on your grip. You can really get some good work done on your grip/biceps if you pull in the opposite direction your pushing with your leg.

John Brookfield has an excellent book on using the Fabled Cables. That is where I got alot of my info.

Fred has a course he sells for a whopping $12 dollars on his website, and it covers the chest expanders and single strand pulling exercises.

As far as striking exercises, you can do a "standing pushup", in a boxers stance with the cables behind your back, but I just concentrate on making the muscles stronger at all angles, and work on striking without equipment.

I was taught to not use resistance when training a skill like striking as it can interfere with your muscle memory.

There are alot of better strikers on this forum than me, but I have found it to be true.


hi john,

Q ; do you use cables exclusively in your training

A: no, i use sandbags, weights + bodyweight training

Q: if so what kind of results have you sen

A: shoulders, upper back & arms increase + better shoulder flexibility

Q; how would one go about practicing his striking with cables

A: not sure about this one, i don't practice striking with cables. i remember an article (and i have it somewhere), where frank shamrock was using cables for kicking/striking.
easy to make (

i can check for that article and scan it (if i can find it), send me an email to

-John Brookfield has an excellent book on using the -Fabled Cables.

i wouldn't say excellent, but it's good book.
here is review


Thank you very much for your responses and information. I own brookfield's book and have looked at the other sites you posted.Its been since Christmas and I am hooked. there was a post about being addicted to "iron" well I am addicted to surgical tubing. I feel awesome after using cables and can see the best results in my flexibility.I am going to join a gym in March and start deadlifting and squatting again as I am more than satisfied with my cable exercises for the upper body.Hey , old time grapplers and strongmen cant be wrong!

Thanks again!!