Attention: Fish

Scrapper, I sent you an e-mail but it seems difficult to purchase the Mod1 package in South Africa. How do we fix this. I really want the package. Paypal don't service South Africa and money order would just take too long. What other options are there?

It appears that there is no way I am going to get this package by Christmas. I even tried the Wiggy combo just to get it but even there it is on PayPal. What is wrong with South Africa? There is a market here:)

Hey Fish does Holly do her own fitness classes?

Sorry for not posting very often in the last few days. It's crazy as hell here and I'm slammed at the gym almost 14 hours a freakin day.

Shrinken, I'll look up your email tomorrow and send you some ideas on ordering. I've had some really shitty luck with sending packages overseas (boxes get torn open, people don't get orders, etc) so I have to change the way I ship overseas so I can make sure everyone gets their packages safe and sound.

sexz, yes, Holly runs her own classes. I talked with Egan about running some conditioning classes at GU a few times per week. I've been working with Ray, getting him ready for his fight with Dan Severn in January, and a new guy from GU just started working with me this week as well. Looks like the GU guys are getting some big names on their cards at the next Superbrawl...I'll talk to Egan and see what's up with regards to training. Were you interested in personal training or something else?

Drop me an email:

Train hard,


Thanks Fish! I sent you an email.

Scrapper, did you think of anything?