Attention FLOPPY

Hey there sir flops. You big dicked devil you. Seems like you've been having a hard time lately. So I'm hoping that me and the OG can post some sexy large ladies to cheer you up! 


Come on guys! Let's show floppy dick how much we like him!

Damn check this out! Brazil has a cutest big girl competition! 


Mine and floppy's favorite song! 


My eyes. My poor, poor eyes. 

This plumper spent a whole day in a swimsuit! Flop could have tapped that 15x that day! 


Hubba hubba! 


Ready the harpoon!

Ah so this was meant for my better half. I'll just go fuck myself then.


I'll just post some big fat tits

NiteProwleR -

I'll just post some big fat tits

Put some meat on them bones!

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NiteProwleR -

You're ruining my thread with these anorexic ladies of the night!

He sooooo floppy