Attention: Jonwell

Jonwell, what is the easiest way to start brewing beer. I tried to order a kit online and they wanted to charge me $875-00 to ship to South Africa.

I am keen to start brewing and learning but don't know where to begin. Thanks and regards

Hm... I thinking that probably the only things you'll need to have shipped are ingrediants and maybe a carboy. Food grade plastic buckets work fine as fermenters, ifyou can get those.

You need a kettle big enough to boil 2-3 gallons, some food grade plastic tubing for a siphon, airlocks you might have to ship but they're small, bottles you can pick up from local restaurants, cleaning chemicals I'm sure you can get there.

So I'd say that the kit probly isn't the way to go. Just see what's in the kit and see if you can get it where you're at. Better yet, find a brewery (I know some exist there) and ask them!

Found something for ya!

LOL no, good homebrew is better than most good microbrewed beer. Of course this varies per person, but I've had some of Samiclaus's beer and it was friggin awesome!

The real plus us that you can tailor the recipe to be just how you like it. We use the same ingrediants and the same methods as real breweries, just on a smaller scale.

That's not to say that all homebrew is good... some of it is remarkably bad, in fact.

Shinken- to brew basic beer you need 1 pot capable of boiling 2 gallons without boiling over (so, say a 16 quart pot, minimum), a fermentation container (6.5-7 gallon food grade plastic bucket or glass carboy) a siphon tube to move everything around, cleaner and sanitizer, a bottle capper, bottles and caps! Everything else is ingrediants and accessories.

Shinken4 - you South African? I think I vaguely remember you might be. From Jo'burg? How were the celebrations after the 2010 announcement.

Expat soutie

Silk, we have been through this before ;-)

I was born in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) but have lived most of my life in Johannesburg. I train with Rodney King and have a keen interest in starting homebrewing. how long have you been away from SA? Aren't you teaching English in Thailand or something like that? 

Jonwell, thanks for the advice. How long have you been brewing? What beers do you brew? I really enjoy Pilsener Urquelle and wouldn't mind brewing something similar. Do you make your own recipes or do you purchase ready made recipes?

Thanks in advance.

As to the celebrations, awesome :-) A lot of beer and many beautiful women; what more can I say ;-)

Sorry Shinken - my memory is sheit to say the least. But now that you mention it, it does ring a bell. Sorry(get hit in the head too much lol)

Going on my third year outta SA. Teaching in Japan. Its great - get to watch the main shows live, train at the same place as Caol Uno and some others. Still gonna be here a few years.

Celebrations sound good! how are things at Rodneys? The Africa forum seems dead cause nobody is updating on the scene back home:(

Shinken- What's the 2010 announcement, out of curiosity?

I've been brewing for, oh, 3 months maybe :P Bringiton and Invalid have been brewing a lot longer than I have. I've made a few pale ales, an IPA, 2 reds, a stout and a golden. Most of them have turned out poorly, but the red was good, and the second red is fermenting currently.

You can brew a pilsner, but since it's a lager you'll need to be able to keep the fermenter at a low temperature for a long time- like 50-55 degrees for a few weeks. I know it's winter on your half of the world, but I have no clue as to the weather over there :P Here, I would need a refridgerator capable of doing that.

Jonwell, the announcement was that South Africa was awarded the opportunity to host the Soccer World Cup in 2010. As soccer, rugby and cricket are the 3 main sports here the population has just gone ballistic.

As to the weather, in winter it fluctuates between 8 and 23 degrees celsius 

wow, ya you're gonna want some refridgeration if you want to make a true pilsener, however there's nobody saying you can't make a pilsener with an ale yeast :P