Attention: Karl

Have you been busy? I haven't really traded much in the past 2 weeks as I have been stuck in meetings regarding a merger between myself and one of my biggest competitors. The major points have been discussed and now it just a case of the small details.

Please continue posting here as I always check in during the day. i just haven't been in a position to contibute to a meaningful forex discussion. i should be back on form come Tuesday, 1 June.

How is your trading going?

Saintjoe, please post a little of your forex wisdom so that we neophytes might benefit from your expertise.

Hey Shinken!

I haven't traded since last week. My account was up 9% and I got stopped on a trade - the loss took me to within pennies of breakeven and I took it as a sign to take a break until after my trip next week.

I'm traveling to the US to take a course in "neurofeedback", which is using an EEG hookup - fed through a computer and presented through visual or audo - to change the way your brain operates. It's something that's fasinated me for the past year, so I bought some equipment and signed up for a training course.

There's been a lot of preliminary work for the course, I've had to put trading on the back burner to get ready.