please email me, thank you.

eddie, he is in florida for the pro am.

Eddie, my review on your dvd is going to be in the next issue of Iron Life's online magazine. It's due to come out July 5th. Thanks again for the dvd.....I loved it.

TTT for Kirik to see eddie's post, and some Pro-Am stories

tanner is it worth the $$$

yo eddie whats up.

Bravo, Question

Recently saw "the twister" dvd. Who's house were you in at the beginning?

I nearly popped a rib when you bust out with the "1 million, & pro wrestler!"

That is Eddie's house.

Bull is correct, that was funny as hell, and the music intro afterwards was funny as shit.

macfights, is worth the money. I'll link my review to the UG once it's all done.

Yeah, a long ass time ago. Why, did I ban you or something?

"Who's house were you in at the beginning?"

It's my crazy baller friend and 10thPJJ disciple, Larry/Lorenzo/Big Larr/Laurence's house.




Email sent.

Great DVD too, by the way!


We need more Qua Toof......(SP)

I need another copy