Attention: Manny Reyes Jr.

Manny Reyes Jr., you have refused to list your ground trainers when asked about it. Is this because of how poorly you did both on the ground and standing with Sifu Robert Ferguson? While you have become a feared mma fighter and karate world champion, you are ducking a fight with Ferg like Tito did with Chuck for much of the same reasoning.

By all reliable accounts, Sifu Ferguson destroyed you in a closed door challenge match. I have even heard The Prince of Leglocks broke your ankle with a heelhook, then went out for pizza afterwords. He could leglock and headkick you at will in training and in your challenge match, are you afraid he will do it in a sanctioned mma event as well?

Do you have any desire to rematch Sifu Ferguson, or are you going to keep challenging fighters you know you have a chance with?

Is Pops Krasnoo protecting you from Sifu Ferg?

Some mod mistakenly placed it in the what if section of the forum. Since I am sure it was an accident, I am saving him some work by posting it again on the UG.

Some Anti-Ferg mod who is probably still upset about Ferg knocking out that BJJ Blackbelt with a TKD kick.

I agree. There is no way mods would be that inconsistent unless it was some sort of a mistake.


manny trains on the ground with some clown named THUNDER DELGADO,the guy claims he fought in pride in 97 which is bullshit,there was no emilio delgado who has ever fought in pride.and he also claims he was on team carlson gracie,but people who i know that were on team carlson never heard of him..just another fraud like manny!!

Frauds seem to be the topic of this thread! Although Seafood Fergi doesnt seem so bad after this ass clown.