WHERE IS MY ORDER??? #169487.... IT HAS BEEN ABOUT A MONTH AND I HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY STUFF. I HAVE SENT YOU 5 E-MAILS REGARDING THE STATUS OF MY ORDER AND YOU STILL DO NOT REPLY!! BUT, YOU KEEP SENDING ME YOUR X-MAS SALE EMAILS!!! WTF..................WHAT'S THE DEAL??? never fails that every week we get a complaint about that company. When will people learn?

Hello Mike,

Well, I have ordered from them in the past and was never jammed... I guess until now. I have seen the threads in the past about this company at which time I was one of the ones who received their orders.

whatever, heh heh heh...

Try also posting on the main forum. You will probably increase your chances of getting a response if you post there too.

It seems like ordering from that company is like gambling.

Don't hold your breath, i know a guy who ordered like $300 worth of stuff that he still hasn't recieved. He ordered it about 6 months ago.

I live in Australia, someone else who i train with ordered some gear on two occasions, and got the correct products in weeks. But reading these tales here, I have not been game enough to place an order as yet.

Take your time... we ordered in august and still have not recieved the last package.