Attention MMA teams

Im working with a promoter to set up an amatuer IFL-like team competition here in Michigan..

The first show being august 27th and each show there after being one month away from the last..

It is called the RFO...Real Fighting Org

We are looking for teams of 5-7 fighters...

Teams will be treated like gold and it will be a very professionally run show with a lot of extras for those who compete...

Winning team wins $25,000 in cash and merchandise..

It will be televised on fox sports..

The announcer for the event will be Dennis Rodman, with special guest Mike Tyson being ringside. Also many other famous fighters, musicians and celebrities will be in attendance...

Please contact myself or Sean Bonner a.s.a.p. if you are interested in entering your team!!!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for many of you...So don't pass it up!!

I'll be applying for the play by play announcer role.



I think we could put a team together for that type of event.

Dan C / Dragon MMA



Dennis Rodman? REALLY?

Is this still going on? I emailed the addresses that were posted and havent heard a reply.

I apologize, got sidetracked with a million things...too many irons in the fire..It is still going on but the date got pushed back..Ill hit ya up soon bro...

I say again...Dennis Rodman? REALLY?? What the fuck does HE know about the sport? Just sayin....

I appreciate it.. You can just email me any info that you can to murcielagomma@yahoo.comAnd Phil "The Voice" Davey would definately be a much better announcer. Nothing against "The Worm", but you cant really go wrong with "The Voice"

Not really about who's better with these guys, it's about name recognition..No doubt Phil is better..He's a pro.

Final news to be released shortly.



So I have heard that this idea has been completely squashed.. Is this true?

apparently Sean Bonner got pissed at them for dragging their feet and told em to take the flying ahhhh!!

i have a team ready noe URBAN WARRIORS from indpls. we have 23 guys in our camp. here is a small list
2x ufc vet Chris Price 16-3 @205lbs
Byron Sutton 5-0 @ 180lbs
Kris boyden 3-7 @ 135
Pete dominguez 2-2 @145
Josh Curry 4-1 @ 145
Brad Balmer 9-3 @ 135
jeremy Jackson 5-0 @ 205
Jeremy Ashley 16-6 @ 155
foester Gomis 3-1 @ 130
Steve Dycus 2-1 @ 170
James Jamison 2-0 @ 155
Robert Simpson 4-0 @ 140
That is just a start contact us at or 317-652-5874
Our venue here is or check us out on keyword lfc 1-33 take your pick.