Attention: moderator ArtVandelay

I will be out of town and unable to access the internet from Thursday until Tuesday. Unlike mods on the other forums, a moderator on the Pro Wrestling Forum has just one goal. Just like the DDT, be "Cruel, But Fair".

I'd also like your students to view the new "McMahon" DVD and provide reviews. Perhaps some drawings.

Motherfuckin' snakes on a motherfuckin' Jake!

"It's like putting a spinner on a belt. "


we're all doomed.

"They need to lose the damn spinner"

Fucking damn right.

When Lita chucked the belt into the water i was like "yeah, no more stupid fucking belt."

The i saw edge with his rated R spinner.

I cried.

please tell me this queer aint a mod?

sorry arttt!

hello art! nice to see you!

holds out apple in hand