Attention Mods

From now on we will be using the following system: (thanks Popeye)We are currently at a "Blue" level.No need to piss of the forums members, it's advertisers, and make the site suffer because of your paranoia.


Popeye actually made that up for us!!

And being moved back!


and back to the OG again?

I just e-mailed Kirik again. Unfortunately, somebody is up to the same antics tonight that they were yesterday.

The only thing anybody can do is e-mail Kirik. He calls all the shots.

The only thing anybody can do is e-mail Kirik.Isn't it a little silly to have a single point of failure like that?Make the records of moderator activity public.It will save everyone hours of speculation.

I agree moderator should be accountable. I have no problem with making my moderator decisions public record. I alway post a thread when I take action against any member (which is very seldom).That is very considerate of you. More should do so.

As a manager, I understand getting tons of email and having to straighten messes out. I don't think I can even begin to understand the amount of email Kirik must be getting. And most of it of the "he touched me, make him stop touching me" variety.

I feel for the man.

Straight up, do you see a trend in the same several names being involved in anti-mod threads? Just an observation of mine and I am curious if what I believe I am seeing is the case. Take care,

you can feel for him, but only he can make it go away. MAKE THE RECORDS OF MOD ACTIVITY KNOWN!

I trust that things will eventually work out with Kirik in charge, but I don't see the good side of having moderators whose actions are completely opaque to the community that they are trying to serve. Yes, Kirik is in charge, but this forum only exists due to paying customers and advertisers. It is in Kirik's best interest to work to make those people content. Periods like this are harmful to his bottom line and I think that my suggestion (public trails of moderator activity with identity and reasons) would help.

Gordon Hester has banned the correct and then reinstated it as a bluenamer.

Also, my admittedly silly but harmless thread "I want to be a mod" was deleted. It's not like I'm really pissed, but there was just no reason for it.

Mr. Gordon Hester,

You hit the nail on the head when you said " I have to understand that this site is his business and I represent him. I want to protect his business and do a good job ". Maybe you moderators should have a group meeting so you can point this out. If something doesn't change you will see less advertisers I can guarantee this. When valuable post that have informative information in them ( not trolling ) are deleted there must be a justification why. There are only so many mods and one of them deleted the Rape Prevention post. Something better change soon or you will see a trend where advertisers choose not to support this site.


Maybe someone was trying to protect the integrity of the site but should have done more homework.And maybe we (KOFighting and myself included) would benefit from knowing who did it and why they did it without having to go through Kirik. Poor Kirik is busy enough.

KO fighting,
Deleting a Rape Prevention post is different than what all the trolls are complaining about. The trolls are using you man...

Completely different issues.

Do you have something to do with Rape Prevention? I have been involved in many courses and causes for years and if I am not already supporting your cause I would like to.

lol@ Gordan for not answering my question. I guess I shouldn't put him (a mod) in a position to point out that the trolls proudly wave their colors and identify themselves....

Situation solved.

Thank you -



Would you feel better if there were somewhere here you could go to find out exactly what (and when, and by whom) happened to your post?