Attention MY BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!

Please e-mail Kirik at to let him know you will remain my BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

Also note that my Bitch only picked 7 of the 8 fights.......He forgot 1

KOMA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Koma, I coulda sworn that I posted on that thread reminding him that he forgot to pick a fight, yet now I can't find my post on that thread. Hmm......

Uh,I don't think so koma.
See,I don't quite remember doing this.

Also,this wasn't part of the rules as I think back on it.

May 02,2004 marks the return of Crazyfoo

From: Koma's Bitch
Date: 04/19/04 10:59 PM
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I pick Fedor! Hah! Beat you to it this time.

So,what part of "I pick Fedor!"did you not understand?
The part where it says "I pick",maybe it was "Fedor",or maybe was it "I pick Fedor!"?

What a bet welcher...........I went 6-2, you went 4-3 even if you don't count the non-picked fight

Oh wait a minute,you picked Fedor too.

God damnit I hate you Koma.