Attention OG "doctors" - Critique my hormone results

I got my bloods done. This is the result.
Total Testosterone ( Siemens ) - 17.3
Sex Hormone Binding Globulin - 39
DHEAS - 6.2
Calculated Free Test - 327.6

Age :- 42
Weight :- 76kg

This all means nothing to me. Anyone on test out there, I can compare results with? Or anyone familiar with the field that can give me some OG advise as to whether i should see a test place.

My GP said they are all within normal range, but what if i want to feel like superman ?

Elevated DHEAS can be quasi-indicitave of a stimulation of hormone, often related to overproduction of lactulin. All which means I predict op is growing bitchtits.

Pardon me dude, just taking a shit in Aruba somewhere. This free test 373 fine at your age, but you could probably get yourself into shape to boost natty. Don’t know your baseline…

What’s height? (In feet/in).

Difficult to say without getting the full picture.

We’ll need pictures of your hog, and to know how your peepee tastes. So please fax a urine sample to Kirik’s office at OG headquarters, and we’ll get back to you later in the week

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What are your teeth like?

Your doctor, like most doctors, is a cuck. Get on trt asap.

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you’re 42. it looks normal for 42. you can try cleaning up your diet and avoiding xeonestrogens, sleeping more, etc or just get on trt.


Total 372, not great as you said, but it’s not bad, right? Thought 400-800 roughly norm w reduction to 300’s in 40s. I might be wrong, but I don’t think it’s even far off.

Likely fixable w squats? Rather than inject shit. Fix diet, do 100-200 squats a day… bang them out. Fix diet, recheck in 2-3 months. I don’t think you need gear yet, especially if you are not doing your part (diet weight and exercise).

The diagnosis is gay I’m afraid

And you have the bad AIDS

(Didn’t look at the results BTW)

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Appreciate the responses OG Troop.

I made a mistake on my initial post

My free test is 327 not 372.

Ive been counting calories for 6 month now and have reduced my weight from 80kg to 76kg.
Exercise 3 times a week for 6+ months.

Rarely drink alcohol but do succumb to sugar cravings daily.

Im just tired a lot , have low motivation and extremely difficult to concentrate on much of anything.

I will give it another 6 months.

Too much estrogen, not enough testosterone.

My professional opinion.