Attention: PFC!!!!

Private First Class, I have a fight for you on September 17th. You interested? K-1 rules.....


I've got $10 on the paper box.

I have $10 that says JHR doesn't show up. :)


I have no idea what you are talking about ? where are the fights on the 17th ?


I was taking a crack at the fact that you never come to TKO or APEX, ya lazy bastard!


Patow who is the fight against? Mahood?;) I think I will need to take a pass.I don't think that a K-1 style fight would be a right fight for my debut plus I hope to make my debut a little later in the year a little closer to home. If you need to get in touch you can drop me a line at


Good, that's proves my theory that you're not serious. :)



I know where I'm at. Wrong fight, wrong time.


a week off , what have I missed?

I have the PERFECT fight for PFC, but he's not interested. :)


he is interested...

Email me tomorrow crazyhook, we'll talk about it.

Road trip!


I am down man! I will give you a shout tomorrow...

vacation was awesome man, we have to get back to that cottage! 4 br air, satalite... roughing it! LAKE TROUT!

Crazyhook, were you in my area and didn't call ?

Is Dave a booker now ?

I want to fight Colangelo. He knows the rules... :)

JHR I was about 2 hours north of you... yo u know i would of been by for some wings!

JHR, how many times do I have to tell you that I will have no part in a thong match between you and Colangelo!?


JHR.. I still want you in the cage! ( if I am still aloud the 3 phonebooks)

wheres this fight at is it in ottawa :)I know no1 in ottawa gots to meet ppl hehe

dude I am so happy to finally meet someone who spells worse then I do!