attention pro fighters ..please read

I'm asking you guys for a favor .. my cousin is in the process of learning to be mobile again after being paralyzed from a coma caused by a staph infection.. I was wondering if you guys could take a few mins out of your day to give him a few words of encouragement..his name is Chris and he's a huge MMA would mean the world to him
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TTT Phone Post 3.0


It may take while, and it may be hard, but in the end all things in life that are worth anything are. Phone Post 3.0

I have three different injuries that Doctors told me would stop me from being an athlete of any kind. All of them were wrong!

Most def guys.. thank you for the kind words ..hopefully a few pros can come through Phone Post 3.0

TTT get well soon! Phone Post 3.0

Very sorry to hear OP. Hope he gets better soon! Is it possible for him to make a 100% recovery? Phone Post 3.0

Doctors didn't even think he would make it out of the coma..let alone recover this fast Phone Post 3.0

Not a fighter but can say I'm definitely happy he is doing better. I saw the video you posted of him hitting pads and he looks like he is going to recover great! Phone Post

Should probably hit twitter up. With enough ttt 's I am sure the UG will deliver though. Phone Post 3.0


Prayers go out to him Phone Post 3.0

Up Phone Post 3.0

If he needs any inspiration show him Matt Grices life story Phone Post 3.0

Offering him motivation is a great idea, it will show him he's supported by not only his family but even strangers. But supportive motivation from others won't be enough, you need to get him to be self motivated. He needs to be able to convince himself that he can reach whatever goal he sets. If he wont believe it won't matter. Get him to be self reliant as this is the most important time in his life that his self Confidence will matter above anything else. That said tell
Him to set goals in the short term, almost like driving for 1yard @ a time. If e sets goals that are too far for him at the time it will frustrate him and his moral will suffer. One step at a time so to say is the best route albeit the long road it's the one where his patience and dedication will pay handsomely in the end. Phone Post

Chris keep your chin up. That's a bigger battle than any mma fight and you will win. Phone Post 3.0

Take it one day at a time. And it is true, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!!