Attention Scuffler


Just posting some results from the weekend....

Nick Jackson won the beginner heavyweight going 3-0...

Bobby finished up at 1-2 facing much larger opponents, he was beat by one point in both his loses.

I won the advanced lightweight division by going 4-0

Call me soon for details about the matches if interested, this happen in Knoxville at the Hayastan Grappling Challenge.

Robert Baker

First off, sorry about the off subject thread guys, but I'm sure Robert knew that this was the one place that he could be sure to find me :)

Great job Rob! I'm very proud of you guys.

I really haven't totally disappeared from the face of the earth and may just show up in Pound within the very near future.

Was Jason there?

What are the plans for Lexington?


Your right....I figured this was the only way you'd definitely see it....

Jason was not there.....not really sure why as of yet....Brandon Bledsoe was in my division and did very well himself.

Nick and I are both fighting on May 8th.....I'd love to have you in my corner....

I'll call tonight after I get home from the gym and give you full out details on everything..


I'd be more than happy to work your corner in May. Also my Aunt is having her 88th birthday celebration not far from there that same day.

Understand Nick may be fighting one of Gerald's guys?


I'll post this here to keep off the main forum...

Gerald told Bobby that this was not one of his guys on several occasions. Come to find out later that this may not have been the case. I've heard several different tales between now and then, but the main point is that we knew nothing about who this guy was until it was too late to change. On top of that Gerald told us that he was just "helping" a friend out.

One thing I know for sure is that this guy does not have a corner man.... he asked Jason to do it and Jason replyed that he only cornered guys he trained.

As for Empire Mixed Martial Arts......I have no clue....I've never heard Gerald and his guys call themselves anything but "Ironlock"


That's cool.

It really wasn't a big thing anyway.

Gerald's not working his corner?

I'm still not sure about travel plans, ect. I'd like to make it up to my aunt's birthday celebration in Falmouth Ky. That would be from about 1-3 or 4 P.M. Then I'm really not sure but I think it's about 1 1/2 hours back down to Lexington.

First off, sorry about the off subject thread guys, but I'm sure Robert knew that this was the one place that he could be sure to find me :)Scuffler,As far as I'm concerned, this thread is not "off subject", because the event in question already took place--and hence, it is MMA History! :)Peace,TFS


To my knowledge....Gerald is moving, or has already moved to South Carolina. Not sure why......or when. Jason told me this early last week.

Let me know about your plans when you decide.....I'm fighting very late on the card (2nd to last fight, right before Oxedine/Swift)......looks like I'm part of the main events...


Thanks TFS ;)

Rob, thanks for the info. I'd like to talk to Gerald. I think I'll give Jason a call and see if he has contact info.