attention team TOMPKINS

Crazyhook, I think BJJ is over-rated...

I prefer "old school" submissions like the "titty twister"

I too wish everyone at Team Tompkins the happiest of holidays.

I have enjoyed my first week at the gym and I look forward to the next year of Mark Hominick absolutely destroying me standing and on the ground.

Since Shawn bleached his hair again, I decided I should create my own unique look. So for the Christmas season, I am now a red canary.

LOL JHR!!!! Man our comps here are in safe mode for pics and it looked like Pain was the one grabbing your wife!!!!

I was wondering why BB2 was always carrying around that doll.

Dougie how the hell did u get a pic of my girlfriend nude??? she told me I was the only one!!!

I think my daughter should get a green name.


Actually make it Barbie pink.

Hell, make BB2's barbie pink too :)

Nice to see BB2 with a green name.

Man, I am killing myself laughing over here.

Here's a can of beer.

I tried 4 barbie pink but Kirik wouldnt give it to me. I told him that green or blue were to manly!

Ive got some great pics to add to this thread, can i post them with green or no?

Dougie rnt thoes the same kind of beer that u had to go get JHR and JH in your dream??

[Cyber Pussy Vibrating Picture # 1]

ok I figured it out!

this thread has taken a turn for the worse


Merry Xmas Team Tompkins

If that was the beer that JHR and JH drank a case of in my dream I would be worried.