Attention Tom Lawlor

Just finished reading the Underground Blog's news story on you and I think you got your next walk out music and gimmick in place.

To quote the article "I'm kind of like the common man," said Lawlor. "I'm the Dusty Rhodes of the UFC, I guess. I'm not the biggest guy. I'm not the most jacked guy. I'm not the best-looking guy. I try to go in there and try to entertain, try to give it my best every fight. I think people can relate to that."

This guy speaks the truth ^^ Phone Post 3.0

i have to admit my big fantasy is you come out to the D-X theme and you wear the dx jersey and the whole getup.

If he could get Chandella to be his Sapphire and have matching polka dot outfits, I'd totally mark out. Phone Post 3.0

Dusty Lawlor would be the greatest thing ever

though if Tom decides to go with TheBearStare's DX idea I volunteer to drive the Jeep as we invade the weigh-in

He could also go the Midnight Rider route only to be unmasked at the weigh-in. Phone Post 3.0

I could fap to that.

I'm sorry but if the commission would agree to checking the mouth piece and getting vassed up just before you walk out ...A classic Ultimate Warrior theme and sprint would be tops..shaking the cage and shit Phone Post

I was also thinking if he went with the Dusty thing after his victory he could give Rogan the "hard times" speech.